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Domestic marketing manager

Location: Shenzhen / Shanghai / Beijing / Chengdu / Wuhan / Xi’an


1, bachelor degree or above, more than three years of sales working experience  in  electronics industry;

2, have a good team-work spirit ,with excellent communication, organization and coordination skills;

3, hard-working, dedicating, willing to accept the challenge,can adapt to the working pressure,independent work;

4, with a good ability in market development, brand building, market planning;

5, familiar with the way to cooperate with contractors and system integrators, with working experience in project operation and

brand shortlisted, familiar with the security industry and products is preferred.

E-mail : liuyuanming@tvt.net.cn



Technical support of the domestic market


1, male, bachelor degree or above with background  in science and technology, Proficiency in English and computer ;

2, with warm personality, strong sense of service, good communication and expression skills;

3, able to be in short term business trip

E-mail: liuyuanming@tvt.net.cn



Overseas sales representative


1, Bachelor degree major in  Technology / Science , more than 2 years overseas sales working experience  (except the

experience in trading companies);

2, Excellent communication and negotiation skills, good learning and creative ability;

3, with basic skills in channel development, familiar with the exhibition operation;

4, have customers in security industry and ability to solve problem is prefect;

5, Logical, good character , fully with passion and  toughness in work;

6, Fluent in English , with second language is preferred.

E-mail:  joe@tvt.net.cn



Oversea trade Merchandiser


1) Bachelor degree with  2 years of relevant work experience, familiar with the shipping, logistics business;

2) Work with meticulous, logical,diligent;

3) Fluent in English, familiar with L/C operation, with better communication skills and sense of service;

4) With working experience in order fulfillment, exhibition preparation, sample preparation are preferred.

E-mail: joe@tvt.net.cn

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