Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded the UL IoT Security Rating and EN 303645 certifications by UL Solutions


      Recently, UL Solutions, a global expert in security science, issued cybersecurity certificates based on UL MCV1376 and EN303645 standards to Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (TVT).The certificate award ceremony was held at TVT R&D Center in Shenzhen, China. Representatives from both parties attended the ceremony, including Mr. Watson, Director of Cybersecurity Department of TVT, Mr.David, Senior Vice President of UL solutions China, Ms. Ivy, Manager of Cybersecurity Laboratory of IMS Division, and Mr. Michael, Head of IMS Division in China.




UL MCV1376 is a security standard rating framework developed by UL for Internet-connected products, aiming to provide a set of methodologies for implementing and verifying cybersecurity capabilities for Internet-connected products, and to drive the industry to continuously improve the cybersecurity capabilities of products. Based on this standard, UL launched the UL IoT security Rating certification program to provide the market with a trusted product security mark through UL's professional and rigorous security audits.

ETSI EN 303 645 is an IoT security standard issued by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), which is also widely referenced and cited in many countries, especially in Europe, as a security baseline for consumer internet-connected products.

TVT is a system solution provider in the field of video security integrating R&D, production, sales and service. While continuously innovating its products and solutions, TVT attaches great importance to the cybersecurity guarantee ability of its products, and has always been committed to bringing safe and reliable products to users. Therefore, it has invited UL to adopt the current mainstream standards to strictly review and verify the security ability of NVR products, and has successfully obtained the cybersecurity certifications issued by UL. It is proven that TVT NVR products comply with the security standard requirements of mainstream international network products and can effectively control network security risks, and UL recognizes that the products can provide users with a high level of security protection.


Mr. Watson, Director of Network Security Department of TVT said at the ceremony:

"Cyber security and privacy protection is the bottom line that TVT has always been adhering to, and it is also the guideline for the company's business development, and cyber security and privacy protection has also evolved into one of the company's business competitiveness. Although our business is constantly changing, the high requirements for cybersecurity and privacy protection will never change. In order to ensure product security, the company has not only built an internal product security system and formulated security standards for the entire process from design to release and maintenance, but also actively cooperated with third-party security organizations. We are impressed by UL's professional ability and influence in the security industry, and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with UL on cybersecurity, and we will continue to work together with UL to participate in the construction of the company's product security system, to continue to enhance the competitiveness of product security and build a more complete security system.”


David, Senior Vice President of UL Solutions Greater China, said: 

"Chinese security manufacturers has a very prominent competitive advantage globally, a high level of cybersecurity capabilities is also an important differentiation of the competitive hand, conducive to winning the trust of global customers on the Chinese brand. UL has always adhered to the safety, security, sustainability of the three major missions, for Chinese UL always adheres to the three missions of safety, security and sustainability to escort Chinese enterprises to the global market. We are pleased to be able to provide cybersecurity assessment and certification for TVT innovative products, and thanks to the R&D team of TVT for their efficient and professional cooperation with UL Solutions' assessment and certification team during the project. We wish TVT greater success in the international market with the support of security.”








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