The Security Event 2024, witness TVT’s technological expedition!


    The Security Event 2024, held from April 30 to May 2 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, concluded successfully. TVT responded to international market demand by adopting the theme "Focusing on Convergence Ecology, Guarding a Safe and Better Life" to showcase its latest products, cutting-edge technologies, and multi-scene solutions in the field of intelligent security to global customers!




    TVT highlighted "Smart Park" and "Smart Campus" as the primary scenario solutions, demonstrating to the audience how to construct efficient and intelligent security systems using AI, IoT, big data, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge information technologies at the exhibition. The on-site display encompassed a range of hardware and software products, including smart network cameras, high-speed dome cameras, stitched panoramic cameras, thermal cameras, solar-powered cameras, access control terminals, intelligent DVRs/NVRs, integrated management platforms, and Cloud platforms, among others.




    In recent years, TVT has consistently focused on delving deep into technology, converting the vitality of scientific and technological innovation into developmental momentum and competitive strength. It has continuously expanded its AI R&D capabilities, demonstrating high-level full-stack development proficiency across the entire spectrum of data processing, algorithm research, and development, model training, as well as embedded cross-platform deployment and other AI-related full-stack development competencies within the company's scope of operations.

      Among them, TVT Cloud, unveiled this time, draws on years of technological accumulation and innovation in the realms of video, AI, and Cloud. It crafts a VSaaS security solution with the cloud as its foundation, and video and AI as its core elements, employing a microservices componentized architecture. TVT Cloud ensures security compliance and global coverage while providing essential capabilities such as cross-device and multi-terminal real-time preview and video playback, cloud storage and archiving, AI event push and classification search, remote authorization access, and online payment. Leveraging public cloud infrastructure with mass device access and high concurrency, it offers hardware-free deployment, maintenance-free operation, and access from anywhere at any time, along with seamless capacity expansion. This solution effectively meets the application requirements of end-users' intelligent security monitoring systems in SMBs, chains, campuses, and various industry solution scenarios.




    TVT Cloud adheres to the concept of integration and openness to achieve a win-win situation and aims to evolve into an AIOT solution platform that seamlessly integrates end-side and edge devices such as monitoring, access control, intercom, alarms, and sensors. It combines edge computing and cloud computing, as well as edge storage and cloud storage, along with AI algorithm training, deployment, and application. Additionally, TVT Cloud opens up modules, components, SDKs, APIs, partner apps, and web interfaces for technical cooperation with partners, providing comprehensive empowerment to enhance their competitiveness.



    Since its establishment in 2004, TVT has consistently adhered to a global market network layout grounded in the concept of localized services. TVT has established a relatively comprehensive global marketing service system and accumulated extensive experience in market expansion. As an important economic and technological innovation center in Europe, the UK holds significant strategic importance for TVT. This exhibition represents a crucial opportunity for TVT to further expand into the European market and marks an important step for the company in accelerating its globalization strategy and enhancing its brand influence.




    In the future, TVT will continue to actively establish an overseas development pattern, taking significant strides towards "going global" by expanding into international markets, broadening open areas, optimizing its open structure, enhancing the external service quality system, and introducing more innovative products and services to the global market! We eagerly anticipate collaborating with partners worldwide and exploring the boundless possibilities of a safer world!








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