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After-sales Service Policy

Q: What after-sales service can be provided by TVT ?

A: The after-sales service of TVT is divided into two parts: technical support and maintenance.


Q: What’s the characteristics in TVT’s after-sales service, and is there any value-added services?

A: The Characteristics of our after-sales service can be shown as Timely, Effective,and Quality Assurance.
  Below are the Value-added Service:
  a.Open 400 toll-free hotline to communicate with customers on time.
  b.Open QQ Online convenient customers to communicate with our technicians directly.
  c.Free centralized network management software to provide customers with free software upgrade service.


Q: The RMA products are return repaired or site maintenanced?

  How long it will take (including transportation time)?

  Whether the maintain cost will be charged by customer?

A: We generally provide return repair service. 
  The repair cycle time is divided into two parts:
  1.Guangdong Province,  7-8 days
  2.Out of Guangdong province, 10-15 days (In China)
  The maintain cost are also divided into two parts:
  1.During the warranty period.
  Customer and TVT Digital will each pay half to the transportation charges,and the  maintenance is free.
  2.Beyond the warranty period.
  Transportation charges ,service charge and material fee are charged by customer.


Q: How to charge the site maintenance costs? (Except the component costs)Do you have standard to these charge? 

A: TVT’s site maintenance only charge the cost of spare parts,do not attach any other fees and we provide free labor costs in



Q: How to define the cause of damage to the product?

  How to define whether it’s the man-made issues or the quality issue of product?

A: The case damaged or damage caused when repaired by customer are defined as man-made issue.

  Poor performance of product is defined as quality issue.


Q: How to solve the disputes between TVT and customers during the after-sales maintenance? 
  How to deal with the disputes when TVT unable to get a consensus with customers?

A: We will treat customer as the center,and make concessions in some principles , we will properly handle the disputes to maximize

  customer’s satisfaction. 
  If we can not reach a consensus with customer, the customer could choose not to repair or resolve by himself.


Q: How long is the response time after receive a after-sales service call?
  How long the issue can be solved? 

A: Began from receiving customer’s phone call, TVT’s after-sales staff will make respond immediately,and usually the common issue will

  be solved within two hours. 
  If there are thorny issues should be consulted with R&D engineers,after-sales staff will communicate with customer to confirmation

  of the completion time.


Q: Which area TVT has been build after-sales service network in China?
  How to get these after-sales service ?

A: We have built after-sales service network in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changchun, Jinan, Chengdu , customers can get

  after-sales service by phone or email.


Q: Is there any specific express provision about the standard of after-sales service cost in TVT’s sales contact 

  or attachment ?

A: The specific express provision are clearly to be defined in the warranty card.


Q: How to deal with the after-sales service complaints from the end users? 

A: Our after-sales staff  will make record to end-user’s complaints,they will confirm the cause of the complaints and make define to

  the type of quality issue.
  They will make a solution with relevant departments,and feedback to customer on time.


Q: How to confirm the product quality issue between the company and the customer?

A: TVT after-sales staff will communicate with customer by telephone to confirm the issue is caused by man-made,or proudct.


Q: Whether TVT adopt headquarter works together with area agents to serve customers,or not?
  If so,How to help the area agents establish the service channel?How to ensure the service quality of area agents?

A: We are planning to set up above said service system in after-sales service.
  Our area agents is being trained now.
  And we will also make customer satisfaction surveys timely to confirm the effect of service system.

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